Kizz Daniel Explains Why He Didn’t Perform In Canada

Kizz Daniel

A few days ago, Kizz Daniel came under massive scrutiny after news broke that he refused to perform at a show he was scheduled to perform in Montreal, Canada.

Responding to the claims, the 25-year-old singer took to his Instagram page a few hours ago to explain his own side of the story.

According to the singer, he expressed his displeasure at the length some individuals will go to slander his name and further disclosed that the organisers of the show told the public a big lie because, in contrast to their claims, he was told by the organisers that they had cancelled the show.

In his words;

What really happened in Montreal, Canada?

Kizz Daniel was supposed to perform in Montreal. If you follow his stories, you would have noticed that he had been there, waiting.

Usually, we get paid in full before we let Kizz perform. Years of experience has taught us to ensure that payment is made in full prior to any performance.

For this show, we agreed that the complete payment would be paid upon arrival at the city of Montreal on Wednesday. We arrived, but payment did not come.

We gave the promoters grace to pay the balance, which is an unusual industry practice; still no show. Even till yesterday, the day of the actual event.

We wanted to return to the US, but Kizz Daniel insisted we wait in the hotel, because he really wanted us to resolve everything. But at some point, the promoter called and said the show was cancelled.

We were contemplating our next action when we saw a video on Instagram, where the promoter said Kizz Daniel was backstage, but he didn’t want to come out and perform. That is a COMPLETE LIE.

Kizz Daniel was waiting in the hotel room and he actually thought the show was indeed cancelled.

We are really sad that someone will go this length to try to slander Kizz Daniel. We are in touch with our legal team to determine next steps.

We thank every Kizz Daniel supporter and fan out there. Blessings.


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