Kim Kardashian Unveils Picture of Her 4th Child, Psalm West

Psalm West

We’ve finally gotten a glimpse of Psalm West and he is as beautiful as was being speculated and proves the theory that ‘Kimye’ produce the cutest kids.

The reality star announced the birth of her 4th child last month to a lot of fanfare, but just like with Chicago before him, we didn’t get a glimpse of the baby for a while

Until now

Kim put up the picture of Psalm West on both her Instagram and Twitter accounts with many fans leaving loving comments and expressing delight at the picture.

Psalm West

Psalm does look like a perfect kid with the picture of him sleeping with his little arms behind his head and dressed in a spotless onesie.

Psalm West was born via a surrogate, which Kim has used for her last 2 children after she  suffered through a nightmare pregnancy when giving birth to Saint and she was up front about her battle with placenta accreta, which made it incredibly risky to have a child through natural means.

So we’re glad that Kim has been able to have healthy children through surrogates and they are just as perfect as if it had come from her.

Speaking of children, Kim recently had to replace daughter, North’s, hamster who had died.

She pulled the classic parent move: ‘Buy a lookalike pet to replace the dead one with the child none the wiser’

The hamster had been bought by Khloe Kardashian much to Kim’s annoyance and North had loved it, but the pet had died and Kim was forced to go shopping for another one for her daughter so as to avoid a tantrum.

She was able to pass off the new hamster as the one who died with North not noticing the switch, but this will be the last time as the next time a pet dies, she’s going to explain the cycle of life to her daughter.

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