Khafi Kareem Allegedly Abandoned Her Police Work In UK For Reality TV Show, Big Brother Naija Season 4 – Press Release / Reactions From Fans

It is no longer news that Khafi Kareem is a Police Officer in London but Nigerian by birth. What’s news at the moment is, after eight weeks of stay in the reality show, the news about her not getting the proper permission has reached the public!

A report from the Metropolitan Police Found as the cover page story for The Sun UK’s Newspaper talk about Khafi Kareem leaving behind her duty as a Police Officer to go on a reality show without due authorization to her request. The report also said that the 29-year-old officer was granted unpaid leave for an unrelated reason, rather, she ended up in the reality show. Although she had requested to go on the show but was turned down and she went anyway.

This has so far become the number one trending topic on social media and just like every other situation, there’s been a lot of criticism from fans of the show accusing her of leaving behind a well-paying job for a reality show she’s not sure of winning as she might be laid-off from work. Some others like Leo Da Silva from season 3 of the said reality show, came to her defence on the issue. Also, an official statement has been released from her management in regard to the publication causing so much buzz and to also correct any wrong impression about Khafi

The press release from her management states that;

The attention of Khafi’s Management has been drawn to a publication by The Sun Uk of Tuesday, August 13th, 2019, titled Loin of duty met police ‘poster girl’ faces sack for ‘having sex’ on Nigerian Big Brother after been told not to take part.

The brazenly sensational and defamatory outburst by The Sun Uk is written in poor taste without considering the ethics of journalism which seeks balance and objectivity.

At no time did The Sun UK send a mail if inquiry to Khafi’s official email which is blasted across her social media platforms under active management to confirm or refute the claims in the publication.

Khafi’s side of the story is deliberately and conveniently omitted to sell a pre-conceived narrative, while responses from outraged colleagues and other papers riddle the publication.

We find The Sun UK’s publication repulsive and damaging to the image and livelihood of our client.

Khafi is a proud black woman who prides herself in her work and has dedicated her youthful years protecting and serving with her many skills which include the ability to speak at least five international languages.

We demand an immediate retraction of the publication by The Sun UK and a public apology to our client Khafilat Kareem within the next 48 hours.

Legal options are also being considered at this time.

Thank you.



Popular On-Air Personality and critic, Daddy Freeze weighed in on the topic as he called out Khafi for leaving a job the pays her well enough for the reality show and for allegedly having sex on Live TV.

While some will say it is her life, I wonder why she would do something I personally consider quite reckless?.

Like putting a good-paying job with benefits on the line for a few followers and likes on Instagram? How much is 60 million that she can not earn in 2 or 3 years?

The Sex part also got me piqued, is she the only one with a vagina? Why she no fit hold body small? But like you guys will say…so I have no choice but to wish her well.

In the Same vain, Leo came to her defence and it looks like he disagreed with Daddy Freeze on this one while replying also to comment on twitter.

Will this new trend increase her chances of not being evicted on Sunday?? We shall see.

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