Kevin Spacey Gets Sexual Assault Charges Dropped

Kevin Spacey

Hollywood actor Kevin Spacey has has the sexual assault charges brought against him dropped after the complainant failed to answer questions under oath.

The actor had been charged with sexual assault and battery for an incident that occurred in 2016.

Then the accuser claims Mr Spacey bought him alcohol and groped him at a bar on the island of Nantucket, Massachusetts.

When asked to take the stand, the accuser did so but when questioned about a phone which the defense claimed could exonerate Kevin Spacey , the accuser opted to plead the 5th (a legal term which references the 5th amendment of the American constitution which grants power to someone in the dock to refuse to answer a question if there was a reasonable fear of self incrimination)

The accuser claimed that he had misplaced the phone in question and refused to answer any queries regarding the piece of evidence.

The Cape and Islands District Attorney’s Office explained that the “unavailability of the complaining witness” caused them to halt their pursuance of the case and therefore they had to drop it.

The accuser’s lawyer, Mitchell Garabedian said in a short statement, “My client and his family have shown an enormous amount of courage under difficult circumstances,”

This comes after a rather trying period for Kevin Spacy, the actor has been accused by multiple people of sexual assault including fellow actor  Anthony Rapp who claimed that Spacey climbed on top of him on a bed when he was just 14.

This led to him losing his job on House of Cards and having his scenes in ‘All the Money In The World’ re-edited and he has since then more or less been blacklisted in Hollywood.

Kevin Spacey’s case is one of the few that spawned a criminal proceeding in the #MeToo movement and he was facing up to 5 years in jail if found guilty.

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