Kevin Hart Sustains Serious Back Injuries After Car Crash

Kevin Hart

Guys, we almost lost Kevin Hart! The actor was hospitalized after getting involved in a car accident which could have cost his life.

The actor along with two other individuals crashed in a ditch around Malibu Hills at about 1am on Sunday morning.

Kevin Hart wasn’t driving, but he sustained severe injuries to his back. There was another man who was also injured and a woman who didn’t need hospital treatment.

Kevin Hart was able to exit the wreckage and was picked up by his security team.

Kevin Hart

Police reports state that the driver wasn’t drunk, but the cause of the accident is yet to be ascertained.

The other two people in the car have also not yet been identified.

There has been an outpouring of support from fans on social media along with some of his colleagues, all of whom are thankful that he escaped with his life.

Carlos Gil was of the opinion that people should cherish the time that they have on earth as the end can come at any time.

“Kevin Hart and his friends are lucky to be alive. Whether you’re rich, poor, famous, or middle class, our time on Earth is like a time-bomb which can go off without notice. Cherish the opportunity YOU (the person reading this) are blessed to be alive. #RealTalk” he stated.

A medical doctor, Eugene Gu also tweeted hopes that Hart recovers fully from this accident.

“Kevin Hart has really suffered so much. I’m hoping he recovers from this disastrous car accident. He’s a human being who stood up to cancel culture and survived. Having faith that he can fight through his major injuries and survive this as well. We have to treat people better.” he said.

Check out more reactions below, but guys, really, we almost lost Kevin Hart

He only bought the car in July for his birthday.

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