Kenya v Nigeria: Victoria Kimani Hits At Nigerians, Gets Trolled

The #KenyavNigeria hashtag has been trending for the past 24 hours and it seems Victoria Kimani, a Kenyan singer, joined in on the act.

The hashtag which basically pitted Nigerians against Kenyans in a battle of ‘banter’ and insults brought out the worst in a lot of People.

Victoria Kimani, formerly of Chocolate City, waded into the argument stating that the Nigerians who were posting such hurtful tweets don’t even have the electricity to charge their devices.

She tweeted: “I just wonder …. after tweeting all the hatred some people tweet … and realizing that they don’t have ample electricity to charge their phone after tweeting the tweets ….. how do they honestly feel about their life ?”

If she was hoping this would be a diplomatic statement– it wasn’t– and she was heavily dragged by Nigerians who made fun of her career and mocked her music.

One user responded that if she put this much effort into her music she would be a lot more successful. @If only you could put the same energy you’ve put up writing this tweet in your music, now I’ll know you’re a singer To be sincere i even think #kenya was a street in #accra #Ghana” she tweeted.


Another commented: “Your music career is as worse as the shortage of electricity we have🤣, I’ll still choose to live without electricity than to have such career… But you can revive it by becoming @TiwaSavage Errand girl🤣🚶”

“This girl even have the nerve to diss naija… After all the trash we endured listening to your music/poems I don’t even know what to call it…. Buh since you wanted to trend 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ you have it” said another in the comments.

Kenyans did come to back Victoria Kimani up and the major point was that the Kenyan currency currently has more value than the naira.

You can see more tweets below.

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