Kemi Adetiba Helped Raised Funds For Teenagers To Pursue Their Film-Making Ambitions

Over the years, studies have proved that even the smallest bit of generosity shown to an individual can make such a person remain happy for the rest of their entire life. This act has been talked about a lot in our religious houses and for many, it is an act worthy of adoption.

Well, for the popular filmmaker, Kemi Adetiba, it is evident from recent happenings that when she isn’t making blockbusters, she is out there impacting the world with her generosity. For those of you unfamiliar with Kemi’s recent generous act, you will be pleased to learn that the award-winning filmmaker just helped a group of teenagers raise funds for their filmmaking ambitions.

According to Kemi, she was tagged on Twitter in a series of videos made by some teenagers sourcing for funds to take their content creation to a higher level. After spending a great deal of time consuming the videos, she was intrigued by their work, so much that she contacted them immediately and got to know that the eldest amongst the teenagers is a nineteen year old boy named Godwin. Subsequently, she made an appeal on social media on their behalf, asking people to help them financially.

Fast forward to three days after she made the appeal on social media, Kemi took to her social media pages to announce that Sterling Bank has indicated that the financial institution will donate a whopping sum of one million naira to the teenagers.


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WHOOOOOOHOOOOO!!! ?? ?? I’ve been in tears for the past 15 minutes, and I just got off the phone with Godwin, the oldest of the @thecritics001 crew. He is in utter shock… I am as well. First off… I would like to thank EVERYONE that has sent in money. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat. YOU GUYS KILLED ME OFF!!! Godwin has been sending me screen shots of the donations POURING in. In his own words, he said “All our dreams are finally about to come true. I wish my mom was here to see all this.” You guys made 8 super young, faceless kids feel “SEEN” and SPECIAL. They (WE) are so grateful. To the folks that also donated equipment, to studio space, to the well known actors that have promised their TIME to feature in their next movies ? THANK YOU ???????? I’m so emotional right now. All the Media outlets that reached out for their incredible story… They are so grateful. They told me they weren’t able to sleep all night out of excitement ????? And to crown it all… I just got the call about this (see image above) and broke down crying on the phone. THANK YOU @sterlingbank… With the biggest THANK YOU shouted from the rooftop of the tallest building to The Chief Executive Officer, Mr. @abubakar.suleiman for hearing the story of these kids and insisting they needed to do something to help. Sterling Bank is giving the kids N1,000,000 y’all!!!! ??‍♀️?‍♂️??????????? AAAAAAND the want to help them push their work!!!! When I informed the kids over the phone there was silence for a few seconds. They’re so GEEKED!!! I’m so GEEKED for them too. And like I told them on the phone, I did nothing but help their story travel. Why people are helping is because of the work THEY have done, the capacity and the incredible creativity they have shown while doing it. I’m so excited about this guys.

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This is good news to ears considering how far the donations will go to empower these group of teenagers to achieve their life-long dream. There is no iota of doubt that these teenagers are set to be the future of Nollywood.

From all of us at NOLLYWOODALIVE, thank you so much for this act of generosity, KEMI ADETIBA. Greater and more fulfilling blessings definitely await you.


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