Kayan Mata: The Aphrodisiac Sweeping The Nation

Kayan Mata

For those who for some reason have no idea what Kayan Mata is, it is an aphrodisiac that has become really popular in Nigeria.

While most of what we know about it is recent, the concoction is actually centuries old. Kayan Mata is a conglomeration of  herbs, fruits and spices which helps both men and women increase their sex drive.

The brand in question originates from Northern Nigeria and is responsible for keeping the sex life in some marriage alive and well. There is no one concoction and the mixture is usually customized to the user.

Around the world there exist numerous sex drive enhancers and the advantage Kayan Mata has over these is that it’s 100% natural. In an interview with the Guardian, Amra Mansur, a dealer in the concoction spoke on how it’s made: “All my ingredients are natural. Honey is one of the ingredients. We have spices like cinnamon, cardamom, mustard seeds, chilli peppers, dates and sugarcane. We have some herbs, roots, powders we get in Nigeria, especially around Zamfara, Gusau and Sokoto,”

How does it work though?

Well, it helps to boost the sexual drive in women and in some cases makes them wet and more ‘in the mood’. For men, it helps with longer erections and stamina.

There has been controversy as to the safety of Kayan mata with some people of the opinion that it is a love charm used to entrap men and in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria, a cleric even claimed that “some of these sellers invoke demons to make their products effective.”

Mansur in the interview with the Guardian disputed this claim saying: “Kayan Mata is sex food. That’s what I call them. You take this food and they make you wet and sweet. That is just their aim, not to make you bewitch your husband. If you are like that in bed and then he enjoys you, if he does any nice thing afterwards, then that is on him.”

There have been no claims from the medical community so far that the use of the mixture is harmful, however, it should be noted that people could react to some of the ingredients used to make it.

So those looking to boost their sex lives, you should investigate further and if it works for you then you can make an informed decision.

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