Kanye West To Move Yeezy Production To America To Help The Prison Reform System

The founder and CEO of Yeezy, Kanye West have promised to help in prison reforms by moving Yeezy production to America to help provide job opportunities.

It is no longer news that Kim Kardashian West, his wife is studying to continue with the help she’s been rendering to deserving prisoners get out of jail and in some cases, help them out with the rent. While this is a commendable effort from Kim, Kanye has something to contribute to the reform system that will help those who were able to get out of jail, get meaningful jobs to fall back on through the prison reform system.

From his conversation with Zane Lowe who is a TV presenter, Kanye chipped in what he’s been up and what he intends to contribute to the prison reform system.

Kanye West becoming a Christian had people asking lots of questions and many found it funny but, it seems Kanye has no care for what is been said by others about his newfound faith.Discussing his album, he revealed that “he banned them from premarital sex”.

Still speaking with Zane Lowe, the rapper said he will be moving his brand Yeezy to America, he added that it is very important to him to bring jobs back to America because “that is home”, he said.

His plans on taking production to America will be an employment opportunity for the prison reform system as workers will be hired through the system and it helps to boost the U.S. economy through the production of Injection-moulded shoes in the next 2years.

How reassuring is it to see Kanye West keying into the vision of his wife, Kim Kardashian West!!!



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