Kaffy talks about her journey from nothing on “Binging with the Game Changers”


Popular Nigerian dancer, choreographer, dance instructor and fitness coach, Kafayat Oluwatoyin Shafau-Ameh, popularly known as Kaffy, is unarguably one of the best dancers I have seen and witnessed perform in my lifetime. In fact, you’d all agree with me she is well-loved and admired for her dancing abilities and given that she has successfully turned her passion into a lucrative career, I’d say you don’t have a choice but love the woman.

On episode 7 of “Binging with GameChangers”, she spoke with the show host, Seyi Banigbe, about her incredible journey. She explained how she has built a solid career out of contemporary dance in a society that gives very little regard to dance professionals and how she was able to beat the odds to attain the status of a dance icon.

According to her, she had always loved dancing right from her childhood. She also stated that back in school, she had also participated in a lot of ballet activities, so dancing was a hobby that she developed naturally. Although born into wealth, Kaffy explained that she lived in poverty for a while when her parents separated at the age of 11.

For this reason, she and her siblings lived with their mum and life toiled a lot with them; so much that it became so difficult to earn a living. They literally consumed garri for seven months consecutively. To cater for herself and the family, she resulted in farming. She would harvest vegetables and sell to make money.

Later on along the way, she joined an aerobics class at the National Stadium in order to lose weight and was always regular and punctual. This prompted her aerobics teacher to appoint her to lead the class whenever she was unavailable. Being a dancer, she infused dancing into aerobics and the class loved it. In fact, her classmates preferred her lessons so much that they always looked forward to her class whenever the teacher was absent. This got her promoted and she began to train athletes.

Her breakthrough came during one of her weekends at the stadium when she went for dance rehearsals and workouts. Kaffy explained how she was approached by a promoter for a modelling job and part of the modelling activity was choreography. Though she was sceptical about the job at first, she later agreed and asked the promoter to allow her to do a solo performance. Unknown to her, many artists who were present at the event loved her performance and the rest, as they say, became a history.

Over the years, Kaffy has built herself a dance empire – Imagneto Dance Company – via which she provides services like dance, choreography and fitness to individuals and corporate organizations alike. She is known for her dance moves, stamina level and most importantly, her professionalism.

Congratulations Queen Kaffy!

You can watch the video from the interview below;



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