Justin Bieber Supports President Trump’s Decision On Helping ASAP Rocky And Ask Him To Do More

Rapper A$AP Rocky Who Is Currently In The Swedish Police Custody, Has Gained The Sympathy OF The U.S. President Donald Trump after the Stockholm District Court asked ASAP Rocky as at last week Friday to remain in custody for another week while the persecutors on his case, finish their investigation. He was arrested after accused of been involved in the June 30 brawl.

He has been detained since July 3 and faces serious accusations of assault. President Trump has gone ahead to lobby with the Swedish authorities on behalf of the rapper and further went ahead to say, his administration was working to resolve the issue and added, “I want my friend out.” In a tweet.

The American talented singer and dancer, Justin Bieber has however expressed his love and appreciation to the U.S. President but also reminded him about the situation at the U.S. Mexico border where some migrate children are been kept in detention centres.

Detainees at the facilities are kept in crowned and unconducive conditions without any access to basic necessities such a soap, blankets, or even toothbrush and nothing has been done so far, to improve such living conditions. And for the condition with which they are been held, they have not been given an opportunity to be heard.

The singer, Justin Bieber saw a perfect opportunity to draw the U.S. President’s attention towards the living conditions of the detainees and he ceased it.

In his tweet to Donald Trump, he said”

“I appreciate you trying to help. But while (you’re) at it @realDonaldTrump can you let those kids out of cages?”

But Donald Trump who is quite active on tweeter did not respond to Bieber’s tweet yet, rather the U.S. President as at Saturday morning said he had spoken with Swedish Prime Minister, Stefan Löfven to discuss A$AP Rocky’s case.

“He assured me that American citizen A$AP Rocky will be treated fairly. Likewise, I assured him that A$AP Rocky was not a flight risk and offered to personally vouch for his bail or an alternative.”

At this time, we hope to see how President Trump tends to go about the living conditions of the detainees and Channel the same energy into making the place liveable for those children!!

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