Justin Bieber Responds to Fan who Criticized Him For Praising Wife

Justin Bieber loves his wife Hailey Baldwin and that is clear for all to see, however it seems some people have a problem with his showing it.

The singer posted a photo on his Instagram story of his lovely wife without makeup on and was praising her natural beauty.

Justin Bieber praises Hailey Baldwin

Many in the comments were just as tripped by the photo and commented on how beautiful Hailey looked.

However, one comment seemed to suggest that Justin Bieber doesn’t need to talk about his wife in public as much and that the two should focus on living a quiet life since they are in love.

The comment read: “You don’t need to do this, if you really love each other, just live and enjoy it without trying to presume to appear if force someone else to that “YOU’RE IN LOVE.”

Justin Bieber disagreed with the comment stating that gushing about his wife in public is actually a respectful thing to do.

“Honouring your wife publicly is actually such an amazing respectful thing to do.”


“It’s not only reassuring to her it’s also a way of giving people something to look forward to,” he continued. “I’m not forcing it down anyone’s throat, YOU follow ME. Should I not make songs about loving my wife or being in love or is that shoving down my love for her down your throat too. This is my life. Unfollow me if you don’t like what I post.” Justin responded.

While the person who made the comment might not have liked Justin gushing about his wife, Hailey herself clearly did, leaving a comment on the post where she said” Making a Girl blush over here”


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