Jussie Smollett Files Motion To Toss Out Chicago’s $130,000 Lawsuit Against Him

Jussie Smollett

Disgraced actor Jussie Smollett is demanding that the city of Chicago dismiss its $130,000 lawsuit against him for wasted time and resources.

According to a new report, the “Empire” actor claimed his story never changed from the beginning and maintains his innocence, referencing the criminal charges against him being dropped as a reason to dismiss the lawsuit.

The report further states that the actor claimed the lawsuit “appears to be an unprecedented effort to seek penalties and resources expended in connection with allegedly false statements made to the police where the related criminal case concerning the statements was dismissed nolle pros on all counts.”

Smollett was originally accused of falsely reporting a hate crime to the Chicago Police back in January of 2019. The charges were later dropped at the end of March, but the city of Chicago sued Smollett for what they calculated in overtime pay from investigating the allegedly false claims.

The actor also argued that the city did not give sufficient evidence to back up its claim that the allegedly false police report resulted in the amount of overtime stated.

Smollet wrote;

Both claims fail to state sufficient factual allegations to support a reasonable inference that Defendant’s allegedly false statements caused the CPD 1,836 overtime hours and the City paying $130,106.15 in overtime pay.

Smollett expects the entire lawsuit to be thrown out.

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