Juliet Ibrahim Talks Feminism, Celibacy In New Interview

Juliet Ibrahim

Actress Juliet Ibrahim was on air speaking to Linda Ikeji TV in an interview where she aired her views about feminism and her current sexual state.

The actress just launched a new book and has been promoting it and in a wide ranging interview where she talks about the book, her lifetime experiences, she also spoke about feminism and what she thinks about it.

She was asked about feminism and what it means to her and what she thinks of the current iteration of it.

According to Juliet Ibrahim, she stated that she believes in the concept of equality of the sexes, but that she tries to avoid really getting into it and heading any movements because of how the concept has been twisted by some people.

She added that she is fully in support of anything that empowers women, especially African girls and that she is convinced that women can do all that men can and are already doing so.

She also played up the qualities of girls saying that they give life and are responsible for raising the men in society.

Juliet Ibrahim is certainly a strong, independent woman who has done well for herself and is hopeful that the same opportunities are given to the girls in society today.

In the interview, talk of course steered towards her love life and was questioned about a post where she seemed to claim that she was celibate. She answered that while she is currently single, the post in question were simply lyrics from a Nicki Minaj song that she was quoting.

She also talked of the qualities she desires in a man, “But I know that if I meet someone and he’s honest enough and that spark is there… that’s what I look for. I like honesty. I like people who are blunt, from the beginning you just pour it all out.” she said.

You can watch the full interview below.


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