Juliet Ibrahim Preaching Celibacy?

Juliet Ibrahim

Juliet Ibrahim has been through a lot, revealing once that she has survived homelessness. She now seems to be preaching celibacy based on her recent post.

The actress who endured a messy breakup with Iceberg Slim, doesn’t seem to have bagged any serious partner recently and it’s possible that she might be giving celibacy a chance.

It’s also possible that she is already practicing celibacy and we just now know about it.


The actress posted a sultry picture of herself on Instagram with the caption: “How many of you know that it’s harder for you to break up with someone you’ve slept with versus someone you haven’t slept with? #celibacy #WaitUntil #atoasttolife ”

She was advertising her brand of phone case, so perhaps these words were just random things to put on a caption, however, the hashtags were interesting as she put in celibacy and ‘Wait until’ which might basically be her way of telling people to wait until they are with someone they are sure of before hopping into the sack.

In another post, she teased what we speculate to be a new book called ‘A Toast to Life’. In a linked YouTube video, she sat with a boy at her feet as  she talked about giving a full account of stories that have only been alluded to or stuff that we’ve only heard a little about.

She captioned that post: “#AToastToLife by Juliet Ibrahim

“After so many years of sharing bits and pieces of my life with you, now, I am fully letting you into my world.

“The person you become is a collation of experiences of your life. The good, the bad and the ugly. Hence, every experience is one I celebrate because I have overcome.
Friends, join me and let’s have a toast to life.”


You can check out the teaser video below


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