Juliet Ibrahim And IK Ogbonna Had A Fling?

Ik Ogbonna and Juliet Ibrahim

If the comments Juliet Ibrahim made in a recent interview are anything to go by, it seems she and actor IK Ogbonna had a thing.

The actress was speaking during an interview where she was asked about the men in her life. She debunked claims that she had ever dated Vector, she did admit that she and IK Ogbonna had ‘a thing’.

When pressed by the interviewer what ‘a thing’ meant, Juliet tried to evade a bit but still wound up saying ‘yes’

There have been reports that perhaps this ‘thing’ overlapped with his marriage to Sonia, but there doesn’t seem to be any evidence to this as IK married Sonia in 20015 and the said fling seemed to occur 2013/2014.

IK Ogbonna did an interview with Pulse where he was asked about it and he said:

“There is this thing they say, yesterday is gone and you can never get it back, Today is what matters, and your plan for tomorrow.

“As it is right now, she is a colleague and she is one that I will always respect. Anyone that is part of your  story in life played a role in creating the picture that you are today, whether good or bad.

“So, shout to her wherever she is. It was real when it was”

And in a 2016 interview exclusive to Broadway Africa, Sonia was asked about Juliet Ibrahim to which she said she was grateful that the actress left IK alone as this was what enabled her to marry him.

‘Juliet is in his past. I also have past. When I think of our experiences, I am very grateful to God and her for leaving him (for me). I am grateful. If she didn’t, I wouldn’t have IK now’ she said.

Now IK and Sonia’s marriage is over, and perhaps IK had a past with Juliet, but it seems there was no infidelity involved.


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