Juliet Ibrahim Advises Women Never To Hurt Each Other Over Men

Juliet Ibrahim

Juliet Ibrahim, fresh off a successful book launch has some advice for women who throw each other under the bus over the love of men.

Juliet Ibrahim said this in a post on her Instagram page where she advised women to look out for each other. It was basically a call for sisters to be sisters to each other and not shun one another because of men.

Her message is a poignant one as it is not uncommon to see women fight over the love of a man, or fail to support each other in a situation that a man is involved.

Her message read: “If only she had asked me why I left him. Then again, I did not ask his ex why she walked away.
The gut feeling you have about someone, even when you cannot place your finger on what it is, is important. Do not ignore your intuition.

“Lessons I learnt?

“Over here, it is sisters over bros. Never hurt another woman for the love of a man. If he could hurt and abandon her, he will do the same, even worse to you. Women will be safer if we stop the blind competition with each other over a man’s affection.”

Juliet Ibrahim

Juliet Ibrahim is no stranger to the cruelty of men as she has experienced rape when she was younger.

She revealed this in an interview with BBC pidgin and while she didn’t want to go into details as she said that would dredge up painful memories, she did admit that she was no longer afraid to mention it.

“I take rape very serious because rape victims can come out anytime in life.

“It is something that is very common, it happens to everybody. E happen to me.

“I’m bold enough to talk about it.

“That be why now I have Superman eye adey look over my niece,” she said.


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