Joro Olumofin Shuts Down Troll Who Came For Juliet Ibrahim

Joro Olumofin

Popular online personality and self proclaimed love doctor, Joro Olumofin, shut down a follower who left a cheeky comment on his photo with actress Juliet Ibrahim.

Joro Olumofin had posted a photo with the actress at the launch of her new tell-all book, A Toast To life, in which he praised the actress saying that she in no way looks like the things she’s gone through.

To this, a follower then commented, expressing disappointment that Joro Olumofin despite his claim to being a love doctor he has decided to set up tent with a single mother and divorcee.

“Upon all ur relationship advise na Juliet Ibrahim single mother. 2 ex husband u dey about now ??. Joro very Disappointed in u aswear. Plenty wife material dey road. But seems u no get sense after all. Ur beard don cover ur brain.” the troll said.

Joro’s response was swift and savage as he tore through the troll and even offered him a job as he surmised that it was the lack of employment that has caused such an offensive comment.

Joro Olumofin

As far as we know, like Don Jazzy, Joro Olumofin is still single, a fact that has boggled the mind of many and one he was asked about in a 2016 interview with the Punch where he said that he does plan to get married but that he is under so much pressure to marry.

“Yes, I will. (when asked if he had plans to get married) For now, I’m under so much pressure to marry. People believe relationship experts find it hard to keep relationships, but I can’t afford to cheat on my wife because it will mean going contrary against what I preach.”

And he also added that his ideal woman would be one who would be able to manage his lifestyle and who has a distinct style.

So ladies, what are y’all waiting for?

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