Jordyn Woods Reveals How Khloe Kardashian Disrespected Her

Jordyn Woods

Internet personality, Jordyn Woods, says that she felt disrespected after Khloe Kardashian called her ‘Fat’ in the season finale of KUWTK.

The two have been in something of a feud ever since the former was found to have made out with Khloe’s baby daddy, Tristan Thompson.

Since then Jordyn Woods has been exiled from their lives and they have taken every opportunity to bully and badmouth her.

According to, an insider said that the name calling on the KUWTK episode was really hurtful and that she felt it was uncalled for.

“Even if the comment was taken out of context,  it was still incredibly hurtful to hear Khloe refer to her in that way. Jordyn has enough to deal with, as she’s struggled with body image issues her whole life and has worked really hard on losing weight, working out, and maintaining a great figure. Jordyn feels terrible for everything that went down, but she feels it was a low blow to shame another woman on her body.” the source said.

Hollywoodlife reports that another source close to Jordyn Woods also pointed out:  “Jordyn is keeping her head up through this. It hurt to hear [Khloe’s comment], and to see the headlines everywhere is hard. But she’s not going to let it tear her down. She has so many good things going on, she is booked and busy. And she’s also faced real pain and suffering. Losing her dad so suddenly — that was real pain. The kind that puts everything else in perspective. It still hurts, but Jordyn knows that this kind of stuff is meaningless at the end of the day and not worth her energy.”

Another source claimed that Jordyn Woods is fully aware that she was in the wrong and that Khloe was seriously hurt and is just hoping that everyone can move past this.

“Jordyn isn’t exactly surprised that Khloe said what she said because what happened hurt everyone involved. As much Jordyn is trying to move forward from her mistake, she does hate getting pulled back in time and time again. She knows she made the bed she is lying in, but she really hopes that everyone can move forward and not focus on attacking each other. Jordyn is hoping to get back to a place where things are civil and that will take time, but that is her outlook when it comes to the girls in the Kardashian family,”


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