John Legend to Co-Produce Amazon Series Inspired by Sandra Bullock’s College Years

John Legend

John Legend and his ever bulging resume now have another project in the works with the announcement of a show that’s loosely based on Sandra Bullock’s college years.

Yes, Sandra Bullock of The Blind Side and Speed

John Legend will be joined on the project by Akiva Goldsman and Sandra Bullock herself.

According to reports, the show takes place in the American deep south in the ’80s, the series will be a dramedy set in the world of music and dance where a young woman defies expectations and seeks out community and her own identity. The show will touch on drag culture, mental health and the AIDS epidemic while following a group of young outcasts.

Sandra Bullock herself was born in Virginia in the 60s and grew up in Germany, as for her college years, attended Washington-Lee High School, where she was a cheerleader and performed in school theatre productions. After graduating in 1982, she attended East Carolina University (ECU) in Greenville, North Carolina, where she received a BFA in Drama in 1987.

Shows that focus on the real life of celebrities have gained some popularity recently with the success of shows like Everybody Hates Chris and Fresh Off the Boat (which is loosely based on the life of Eddie Huang) and it is hoped that this new show on Amazon will knock it out of the park.

John Legend is also speaking on equality issues, complaining that he wants there to be consideration for father’s who want to change diapers and that there should be changing rooms in the Men’s bathroom.

Speaking to USA Today, John Legend said: “The idea that only women are raising kids is antiquated and really should be in the past because there are so many different arrangements and so many different careers that parents have these days,”

Speaking on the changing room issues, he said: “It really blossomed into this beautiful conversation about dads being involved in all kinds of ways as parents, and encouraging that, celebrating that and making sure there are facilities out there for men to do that,”

Great parenting John Legend!

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