Jeremy Meeks Spotted With Another Woman Amidst Rumoured Split From Chloe Green

Jeremy Meeks

Jeremy Meeks, whom many might remember as the handsome felon who has since gone on to enjoy a successful modelling career, was spotted with another woman.

The woman in question, Erica Peeples, was seen with Meeks as the two went to Catch in Los Angeles.

This lends some credence to the rumours that his relationship with heiress Chloe Green is over and that the two have split after having one child together.

Chloe Green on her part was spotted some months back with Monte Carlo polo captain Rommy Gianni on a Yacht, hugging.

While the rumours have swirled, Jeremy Meeks is adamant that he and Chloe are still together, telling the paparazzi who accosted him and Peeples that there was nothing to the rumours.

Meeks and Green were thought to have been engaged last year, but nothing has been heard on that front and now all we’re getting is that they’re over even with Meeks’ best efforts to state otherwise.

Jeremy Meeks did speak to Hollywood Life back in April and there he shared how he dealt with the constant media

“I would have to spend every day or the next year trying to defend myself and you just can’t do that…. Like doing interviews and state the actual facts because you would constantly be stating the facts and I would never be able to get any work done. So I just have to let it go and let it roll off my back and get on with my business and my family and just keep doing me and show them rather than tell them. I would rather show them.”


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