Jeff Bezos Has Finalized His Divorce, And His Ex Wife Becomes Third World Richest Woman

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and ex-wife has finalized their divorce on Friday in King Country, Washington.

Jeff Bezos the Amazon boss and Mackenzie the award winning novelist were both married for 25 years before Amazon was founded, have been separated for 6 months before finally formalizing their divorce. They decided to part ways after reports came out on Jeff Bezos cheating on her with with the former Fox TV news anchor and helicopter pilot, Lauren Sanchez.

Their divorce was announced in January in a heartfelt and straight to the point tweet from the couple, who stated that, “they have decided to split after a long period of loving exploration and trial separation.” But plan to remain friends. They have four children together——-three sons and an adopted daughter. They got married in 1993 and MacKenzie was among Amazon first employee.

This simple message from the pair, sprung up various other issues like nude photos and leaked texts with the help of a private investigator. Nevertheless, the divorce fell through and settlements were made.

According to the order signed on Friday, by a Washington Judge, part of the settlement states that, the 49-year-old ex-wife MacKenzie will receive 4% of an outstanding common stock of, Inc…..which is the most valuable corporation on the planet.

She will start receiving nearly 20million Amazon shares, a stock which is worth nearly $35 billion. This settlement has earned her the 22nd place on the list of the world’s richest people and the third-wealthiest woman, while her ex-husband, Jeff Bezos remains the world richest man. She has however pledged half of her fortune to charity and also agreed to give her interests in the Washington Post and blue origin to her ex-husband, Jeff.

The Judge also stated that, Jeff Bezos will keep most of the shares which amounted to 12% Amazon shares and it is $114.8 billion, he will remain the company’s biggest shareholder.

This has got to be the world wealthiest divorce of all time. But then, they are both happy with the settlements.

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