Jeff Bezos Briefly Lost World’s Richest Man Title to Bill Gates

Jeff Bezos

Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos was for a very brief time the second richest man in the world. For those who are panicking, don’t worry, he’s the richest man again.

The Amazon boss lost his place to Bill Gates after losing $7 billion on Thursday after the horrendous performance of his company in their Q3 results.

He was back by Friday with his shares falling by 1% to $1,760.78, which in turn put net worth at $109.9 billion.

Meanwhile, Bill Gates sits behind the Amazon boss with a personal fortune of  $105.8 billion.

His now Ex-wife, McKenzie Bezos, took  a quarter of their Amazon holdings in July which was part of the reason for Bezos’ brief slip.

McKenzie is now one of the 20 wealthiest people in the world as she is currently worth $32.7 billion

There has been a lot of scrutiny on Jeff Bezos and his wealth as the average Amazon worker still very little to live on while their boss makes as much as he does.

This was well illustrated in a tweet in which the poster said: “Jeff Bezos (Amazon owner) makes $8,961,187 million an hour – 315 times Amazon’s $28,466 median annual worker pay. An Amazon worker earning the minimum wage would need to work 597,412 hours, or 24 hours a day for 68 years, just to earn what he makes in an hour. Tax the rich.”

Someone in the same thread pointed out just how little Bezos had to do to help the situation. The user said: “Interestingly, if he gave up all but $1m per hour that would be enough to pay his 600k workers an extra $7 an hour (about the US minimum wage). He would still be obscenely rich, but his workforce would be so much better off.”

Do you there’s anyone who can even hope to take the Amazon juggernaut’s spot?

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