Jason Njoku, Founder of Iroko TV Called Out On Twitter for Subjecting Staff To Workplace Pressure

Jason Njoku

Jason Njoku is known to many as the founder of Iroko TV, a streaming platform that provides Nigerian movies and content to people.

He is also a motivational speaker that has been seen speaking about his rise to prominence from obscurity and motivating people to try to do the same with their lives.

However, if this Twitter user is to be believed, he is actually a slave driver who demands unrealistic targets from his employees and expects them to meet it or else they might find themselves without a job.

The person who did the calling out, known on Twitter as ‘Aspiring A-Class’, said: “The founder of would speak at events and be motivating people for clouts.. His staffs are facing workplace pressure like mad- get 5 billion subscribers a day or get sacked.. No fucking body is interested in Nollywood bro..

“Please, if you know anyone who works for them and currently undergoing such phase, kindly DM me.. There are better offers for them.. The business of tech makes life easier, not cook people like a pressure cooker.. Please RT”


The responses have been interesting with many people agreeing and berating Jason Njoku.

One user responded saying: “I’m loosing my sanity cos of target and the fear of been out of job kills me more.
By the end of this week I might be out of job..I really need a better job. Customers Service, personal Assistant….Tech job willing to learn on the job…Help me please”

Not everyone was on board though as this user clearly shows: “You’re uninformed if you think he motivates people for clouts. A company sells nollywood content, you’re uninterested in that content and yet speak about workplace pressure gathering from two of the over 500 staff. I think you’re tweeting this for clout.”

Iroko TV was launched in 2011 and so far has over 5000 Nigerian movies and series available for viewing

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