Is Sexiness A Sin?- Mike Bamiloye Creates Intriguing Debate

Mike Bamiloye

The President of Mount Zion Drama Ministry Mike Bamiloye has created a rather interesting debate online on the issue of sexiness and Christianity and if someone can be both.

Mike Bamiloye took to his Instagram with a post that he said he saw a friend of his post and the position there was that someone with Jesus with their lives can’t also claim to be sexy because the spirit of God is a holy spirit rather than a sexy spirit.

Mike Bamiloye captioned the post: “My friend posted this and I am still thinking about it….”

Mike Bamiloye

This of course created a rather interesting debate in the comments as some people agreed that being Christian also means doing away with anything remotely worldly which includes the concept of sexiness. However, there were people who also disagreed with this notion claiming that the idea of sexiness isn’t inherently evil.

For instance, this follower commented: “I disagree with this. Sexy means to look appealing, exciting and attractive. So if i have Jesus, i should look haggard and dirty? My God is an appealing, neat, exciting God. He created us in his own image. She created us wonderfully and beautifully. He gave us the beautiful face, the elegant body, the lovely complexion or did we created ourself? So we can have Jesus and still look sexy. To me, the word Sexy means a lot of things to different people, to the poster and to everyone who agrees to this post, they could be thinking erotic. My Opinion though.”

Others who agreed argued that it is simply a case of a God that never changes and some even argued that people who believed in sexiness were a product of a liberal generation that hide behind many shields.

“Truth is that the so-called self opinionated age gives us liberty to twist definitions like sexy means one thing and another thing, what about accept just want it means as “SENSUAL” “SEX APPEALING,” SEX REVEALING”. Humans now have many 🐚 shells to shield from the truth .” he said

Mike Bamiloye has always had conservative views, some of which have rubbed people the wrong way and it seems like it’s something his entire family shares. Like when his son, Joshua, criticized TV shows as a way for the devil to plunder souls especially shows that normalized dark themes such as Supernatural and Lucifer.

He’d tweeted: “There’s a show called Lucifer Azin the devil o lol, and you, knowing how captivating foreign series can be, You still watch.

“Now you love the character; Lucifer, Like Jack Bauer and somehow you think, the devil isn’t winning your soul over…”,

What do you think? Is it possible to be Christian and still be sexy? Or is there more nuance to this argument?

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