”Is Love Enough To Keep A Marriage Together?”- OAP Toolz Asks

It is common knowledge that love gets you on the road to a healthy marriage; it keeps you in the game and helps hold your head high above the waters. Nonetheless, we have seen and heard of several cases in the past where couples ditch their marriage journey a few months into it. For this reason, several questions about love being enough to keep a marriage together have been asked and answered in uncountable ways.

However, popular Nigerian OAP, Tolu Oniru, also known as Toolz – still seem like she hasn’t gotten enough answers to the question. She recently took to her social media pages to ask her followers the “evergreen” question;

Is love enough to keep a marriage together?

Since it was posted, the tweet has generated a lot of traction from her followers, where many have shared their diverse opinions on the question.

As for me, love isn’t and will never be enough. No matter how strong it is and no matter how large-hearted the individuals involved is, sadly, love is not the only thing that will keep a marriage together. Yes, you need love, but you need a lot more than love to keep a marriage going.

A lot of people think that love is the answer; they think that it’s the secret, but if it was the secret to successful relationships, then no one would be breaking up. In fact, the word “divorce” would have not been coined and a lot more people will be happily married right now.

Therefore, I subscribe to the school of thought that believes that love alone is something, but it’s not EVERYTHING.

What are your thoughts on this? You can share them with us in the comments.

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