Is Kendall Jenner the next mogul in the family????

Kendall Jenner

On the 5th of March, 2019, Kylie Jenner (21) was named the youngest self made Billionaire by Forbes (whether their definition of ‘Self made’ is right or wrong isn’t up for debate right now).

Now, it seems her elder sister, Kendall (23) is also going down the path of mogulhood (is that even a word?).

The Victoria Secrets model hooked up with Moon, a seven-piece line of vegan oral hygiene products and through them seems to be launching herself into the ultra competitive beauty industry.

According to their website, Moon states: “We believe that all smiles are beautiful and want everyone to have access to resources needed to achieve their healthiest smile. Unfortunately, too many children around the world don’t have the safe, reliable oral care they need in order to feel like their happiest, healthiest selves.

“From daily oral care essentials to life-saving cleft surgeries, we envision a world where every child has what they need to let their most vibrant smiles shine”

And with a face as popular as Kendall’s you can bet they are getting some serious attention.

There was a promotional video which featured Kendall in which she discussed her reasons for backing the company and also about the sleek designs of the company’s products.

“I used to not know how to smile. That’s a fun fact,” Kendall said “It was really cool being a part of the building process. It is really based on oral beauty and it goes back to even the aesthetic thing and how it looks really nice on your counter. One of many cool things about Moon is that I think that the whole idea is really chic and you’re not like afraid to have it out and be like, ‘I’m excited. Ask me about it, please.’”

She also posted on her page (she has 108 million followers, let that sink in) about the product in a photo that showed her using the toothbrush.

While is seems that Kendall is a financial backer to Moon, according to a report on Bazaar, a representative for the brand explained, ““Kendall is actually not an investor in Moon. She co-collaborated with the brand and she helped create the Whitening Pen.”

It’s yet unknown how much Kendall will bag from this deal and we can’t wait to know the details. It should be noted that she is currently the highest paid model after she unseated Gisel Bunchen in 2017 to snag that tittle.

You go Kendall!!!


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