Is Daenerys hair slip an actual spoiler or just a hair slip?


It’s Game of Thrones, of course we’re going to analyze the heck out of it! The last episode had Danaerys dropping spoilers with her hair…or did she.

Eagle-eyed denizens on the internet pointed out that in the first episode, Dany’s braids looked different between shots.


“Dany is wearing different wigs during her arrival in Winterfell ☠️☠️? #GameOfThrones” said a Twitter user

Now under normal circumstances this might have been viewed as a simple blooper, but seeing as the first look is a traditional one which the Dothraki sport when they are victorious in battle while the other one is more regal in nature and is something that a Cersei Lannister or a Sansa Stark would wear.



It is quite possible that this is simply a mistake by the showrunners, but with Game of Thrones, you never know, maybe Danaerys was actually trying to tell us something, perhaps victory for her and Jon Snow in the coming battles or something.

The new episode comes out in just over 24 hours and many will be looking towards what will happen tomorrow, with episode one ending with Jaime Lannister returning to Winterfell and locking eyes with Bran Stark, whom he last saw while throwing him out a window in the very first episode of the show.

New images promoting the next episode have come out and from the looks of things, it seems a lot of it will take place in Winterfell and it seems likely that Jaime will face trial

There are other images showing the characters you’d expect at such a gathering including, Varys, Tyrion Lannister, Danaerys, Jon Snow and Sansa Stark.

Now that Jon knows his heritage, it would also be interesting to see how he reacts and how he starts behaving around Danaerys who he now knows is his aunt.



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