Is 2Baba Referring To Ex-Band Mate In His Recent Song – Frenemies?

2baba as he is fondly called recently released a new song titled ‘FRENEMIES’ with Waje, the Singer with the Vocal Powerhouse. 2face who is all geared up to celebrate his 20yrs in the Music Industry, sure isn’t ready for the negative vibes from Blackface, but just as you expected it, Blackface who felt 2face was referring to him in the song, had something to say.

I’d like to talk about the song before the drama.??

2face has shown us year after year why he Is called a living legend. So far, he has released three(3) hit songs back to back and he’s not showing sign of ever getting tired of dishing out this goodness for us. He has stayed consistent and true to himself and his art. If there’s anyone that has been talked about more in the Nigerian Music Industry, especially with his personal life Out in the open for public scrutiny, it is 2face. But, he turned the insults, the jokes and bad vibes from people, to the music of his we are vibing to today. He is an excellent example of, “not all talks are meant to bring you down, turn it around for your good”.

Talking about consistency, he recently released a new single ‘Frenemies’. While taking a closer look at the lyrics, it is almost impossible to say that he was not referring to his long time friend or should we say ‘Frenemy’. But, at the same time, it doesn’t always have to be about Blackface, right? I thought so too!!

We are not new to the rift that exist between the two. Just to refresh our memory. 2face and Blackface were in the same group/band together with Faze back in the day, but 2face decided it was time to pursue his career as a solo artiste and as time progressed, Blackface who wasn’t so pleased with the split, accused 2face of song theft and blocking his music. It’s been like that ever since with either party concealing defeat to the other, even with lawsuits fired by both parties, we are yet to ascertain if the song truly belonged to Blackface.

Back to the newly released song by 2face, Blackface who believed the singer was referring to him, he took to his Instagram to say something about it and it reads, “can the devil ever come back to say sorry for trying to make you stop doing Jah’s work? Will you forget it? Me no go even wait to listen …” While this might not be clear if he was referring to his ex-band mate, 2face, his response to a fan who is believed to be that of 2face, on the singer’s post, might chance your mind.

The comment read: “shey you see as them they write sweet song without even calling names but the message deliver well. That’s an award winning material, frenemies ? ? ?

Blackface replied the comment “that ogogoro music”??

This their beef has stretched out for too long and we honestly can’t wait for them to find some kind of settlement in the future.

Do you think the song “Frenemies” was directed at Blackface? What are your thoughts about this feud? Let us know in the comment section.

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