Ireti Doyle, Sola Sobowale, Sam Dede, others feature in new movie, ‘1929’

1929 Women's War

Nollywood veterans, Sam Dede, Ireti Doyle and Sola Sobowale have teamed up to create a compelling historical movie called  1929.

The movie, follows the struggle of the Ikot Abasi, Opobo riots by women against the colonial masters which led to the deaths of many.

The movie also stars Becky Odungide,  Ndy Akan, Lois Ikpaha, Uduak Odungide, KedianaAbasi Kam, Emman Etukudo, Emmanuel Owuala, Nancy Bassey, Enobong Ekwere and many more.

While the riots in Ikot Abasi, Opobo also happened in some other areas in the east, the focus of the movie will be on Opobo where women were up in arms against a new law which proposed to tax women.

According to a report on which chronicled the events of that period, it was described thus:

In the old Calabar province, the centres of resistance were Abak, Itu, Utu Etim Ekpo, and particularly, Opobo Town and Egwanga (Ikot Abasi) in Opobo Division. In Opobo Town, in the afternoon of December 15, 1929, the angry women destroyed the buildings of the Native Court, Dispensary and Staff quarters with pestles and clubs. When the chiefs including the venerable MacPepple Jaja, who had voted in the Legislative Council for the imposition of tax (on men), tried to stop them, the women assaulted them (Firth, 1929). And when these chiefs fled into a house for safety, the women demonstrated round the house for a long time, and would not disperse until promised a meeting the next day. Chief Jaja later characterised the demonstration as:

… unprecedented: never before had the women banded together in such a manner or shown contempt for the Chiefs, as the throwing of sand on them signified, while the men passively looked on (Abasiattai, 1991).

Also speaking about 1929, Producer, Ndy Akan said, “This is a film that requires lots of strength, grits and interpretation because it tells a story., a true life story indeed; and actors who would be able to channel the events on to the big screen and give a perfect interpretation to the roles to make it a wonderful and  powerful  experience were required., hence, our choice of actors. 1929 is a historical film with a narrative that will engage, entertain and educate. It is a must watch movie and I hope everyone cones out to see the magic we have created. ”

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