Imoh Umoren’s New Trailer Lagos: Sex, Lies and Traffic Is Out And Here’s Why We’re Excited

Lagos- Sex, Lies and Traffic
Lagos- Sex, Lies and Traffic

I love indie movies

From Infinitely Polar Bear, to Edge of Seventeen, indie movies have always hit me differently and in Imoh Umoren Nigeria can finally say it has an indie movie maker of renown.

The film maker released the trailer to his latest movie, Lagos: Sex, Lies and Traffic and there’s a lot that trailer had to say.

Imoh Umoren
Imoh Umoren has new movie

First off, the name. It seems to encapsulate Lagos as a city. While the state is a place where many have taken as their El Dorado, it has a sometimes ugly underbelly with sex, lies and of course, the ever present traffic.


The movie, which stars Kelechi Udegbe, Keira Hewatch, Maryjane Ogu, William Benson, Duke Elvis, Sunday Afolabi, Kiitan Faroun and Taiwo Gasper was described in the description of the video as: “A poster boy of Lagos Politics Dejo (William Benson) is having an affair which threatens to derail his political campaign and his marriage. Discovering his mistress is pregnant, Dejo’s wife Tolu (Keira Hewatch) decides to get rid of her to avoid a scandal. Lagos:Sex,Lies and Traffic is a series of interconnected stories which weave into one final act; A murder”

Imoh Umoren is a filmmaker who has carved a niche for himself in the Nigerian movie industry and his latest offering promises to be a blast.

With the direction of the nation and the public discourse that has followed, this movie looks like it explores a lot of the goings on of today. One scene in particular stood out to me and it was a man being harassed by police officers who accused him of being a Yahoo boy simply because he had two Gmail accounts.

With the recent murder of Kolade Johnson by Police with reports indicating that police had come to arrest a man on dreads without any further proof when the incident happened, it was a particularly poignant scene to me that spoke to a society eating itself instead of helping itself.

I look forward to when the movie comes out

Like i said– We love indie here at Nollywood Alive!

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