I’m Currently Worth More Than 25M Naira- Efe Big Brother

Efe Ejeba or as he’s more commonly known, Efe Money of Big Brother has revealed that he’s worth a whole lot more money now.

Recall that Efe won Big Brother Nigeria two seasons ago and was wildly popular with fans for his perceived humility and affable personality.

He went on to try out a music career which didn’t work out and he’s been silent for the most part, but he claims that anyone who thinks he’s broke is completely wrong.

In an interview with Wazobia FM, the reality star claimed that he’s worth well more than the 25m naira he won in the big Brother house, also claiming that he has so far not spent a single naira of his winnings.

According ot Efe, he hasn’t revealed this before as he doesn’t want to give out money and that he had been asked for money too much.

He also claimed that he can never be poor again and that he’s moved up a level, from a hustler, to a businessman.

These statement however clash with comments he was quoted to have made last year where he said that he had only 75 thousand naira of his winnings left.

In an interview with Hot FM, he was quoted to have said: ““Yo man, I basically have like 75k in my account. It was 100k, but yesterday night, we went to the least expensive bar to chill with the 25k,”

In that same interview he had also explained why he switched styles in music claiming that he did so in a bid to hopefully create a hit song.

“It’s a total switch of vibe, I need a hit. On the other side, I am an artiste, evolving is one of the stuff. Right now, the vibe I am feeling now is the Afro vibe, it can switch anytime,”

So… What version of Efe are we to believe? You can watch his interview below.


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