I’m Afraid To Fall In Love Again- Ice Prince

Nigerian rapper Ice Prince has claimed on his social media that he might be afraid to love again due to his fear of falling or losing control of the situation.

He said this on his Twitter where he put out a short tweet that read: “I’m too scared of love coz i don’t want to fall again !?”

Ice Prince

Many people responded to this tweet encouraging Ice Prince and telling him that the fear of falling is what is holding people back from happiness.

One follower commented : “That’s the mistake we all make, we grow in love not fall in love…When we fall in love, we falling head over heels and remain blinded by obvious signs but when we grow in love, we love the person but also very conscious of obvious signs……💋”

Another follower said that while people disappoint, love itself  doesn’t.

“Probably someone have disappointed but not love.. Love is always true and pure but humans sometimes fails us and we put the blame on love.. My mentor, don’t be scared the right person is close”

Yet another follower claimed that he had no choice in the matter, “U gat no choice my brother… U will always fall in love unknowingly… U will find urslf exceptionally caring for a particular lady always.. And boom! Love haf start”

Recall that the rapper used to date Maima Nkewa but the relationship crashed. Some attributed this to cheating, but Ice Prince himself shot this down and said he crashed the relationship himself.

“She didn’t cheat on me. I never caught her cheating and I never suspected her to be cheating on me. I was the one that messed up.

“That is all I can tell you. It is gone now. I don’t intend to say how I messed up. Right now, I am single, ” he said.


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