Ike’s Sister, Cindy Approves Of His Relationship With Fellow Housemate, Mercy

What was seen at the beginning of the show as a strategy has now blossomed into something beautiful if we are to judge by what they display in the house.

The two housemates started showing signs of likeness for each other at the early stage of the show but had a few bumps along the way as a former housemate Ella showed signs of wanting the same man as Mercy and also, Ike being confused also wanted Tacha.

But, they moved past that phase and stuck with each other and they have been that way ever since and most fans of the show continuously grow their love for the couple.

Well, it has gone beyond the fans because Ike’s sister, Cindy looks like she would really love Mercy to be part of the family.

Cindy reacted to a tweet where she was tagged and agreed that the couple is obsessed with each other as she responded that “Mercy is the woman Ike has been searching for.”

We would love to see them like this outside the house and let’s hope it is not a strategy to keep Lambo fans happy.

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