Ik Ogbonna’s Wife, Sonia Morales Reveals She Went Through Depression

Sonia Morales

Ik Ogbonna’s wife, Sonia Morales, has intimated that she suffered from depression for years but is now so much better.

The blogger and relationship expert, took to her Instagram to reveal this in a post which she captioned: “I fixed myself up so damn well! To think I suffered from a serious depression for years and to be at the place of love,light and peace that I know today is magnificent. Nothing more priceless then a journey of awakening and light ⭐️❤️Here is a confession: in my entire life, I never felt this good, and I am very aware: its just a beginning!”

Sonia Morales

Depression has become a hot topic in the last couple of years with more and more prominent people coming out to speak candidly about the mental illness and the effect its had on them. Sonia got a lot of support in the comment section with fans and colleagues alike leaving encouraging messages and some even sharing their stories, like this commenter who wrote: “I am 62 this year I suffered for half of those years I am happy to say as old as I am now I am in a happier place. Panic attacks were also the order of my days. I became a recluse which I still am though I have come to realize that depression shouldn’t rule my life. It’s never too late to change or should I say to mend.”

It has been rumored that Sonia Morales and Ik’s marriage was on the rocks and while Sonia herself hasn’t spoke about it, her husband Ik, has. Speaking in an interview with HipTv, the actor had said: “You are not divorced until you are divorced. So am not divorced, my wife and I, we are cool. She is back in Europe with my son and he is schooling there in Europe. My wife got her business going on and school at the same time”


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