#IgboPresidency2023: Nigerians On Why We Need An Igbo President


The hashtag #IgboPresidency2023 has been trending on social media with Nigerians getting into the discussion as to why Nigeria’s next President should be Igbo.

It is a sensitive topic but the majority of viewpoints on Twitter point towards an desire for an Igbo President on the basis that it would be fair and that it would be making a statement.

Many important personalities put out their thoughts including Joe Abah who said: “I am minded to support #IgboPresidency2023 in ALL political parties. It is not because I am Igbo but because I am Nigerian. It is about fairness and inclusion. Can you give me any reason why I shouldn’t? Let’s have a debate.”

Audu Maikori of Chocolate City also stated why he thinks it would be a good idea: “I believe that the Igbos deserve a shot at the Presidency it’s their turn.But more importantly I believe we can’t keep voting people based on rotation ,ethnicity and religion. Nigeria needs brilliant, passionate and selfless leaders across board. #IgboPresidency2023″

There were some of the belief that the tribe shouldn’t matter, but rather the competence of the leader. One of the users who commented on the trend claimed that she doesn’t care where the leader comes from: “I don’t bloody care if the next president of Nigeria hails from Cotonou. All I want is good governance. The day I’ll support a candidate simply bcos they come from a particular region will be the day my dear old grandma will roll over in her grave. #IgboPresidency2023″

A user called Ayo Bankole also stated: “Anything short of an #IgboPresidency2023 is an injustice to Igbos. But the real injustice is in lack of development. Yorubas & Ogun state was and is still a mess after OBJ, GEJ did close to nothing to ND/Ijaw’s development, the North is the poorest despite decades of ruling.”

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