Ifan Michael Covers Vanguard’s Allure, Talks Career

Ifan Michael

Nigerian stylist, producer and director Ifan Michael is the celebrity cover of Vanguard’s fashion Magazine, Allure and he spoke about his career and projects.

He’s the creator of “Lotanna” and has another movie in the works, “Foreigner’s God” which should be out soon.

Ifan Michael spoke in the interview about his humble beginnings, his motivations and the movie industry.

Ifan Michael

He spoke about how Nigerians don’t support their own and how he feels things will get better, “Nigerians aren’t really supportive of their talents at all, people make mistakes but instead of encouraging them, they turn it into some evil plot to ruin you. Some people want you to do a job for them almost free. I understand the recession in the country right now, but how do you expect those doing the job to feed? In the end it’s all about favours to favours but I believe with time things will change.” he said

Ifan also spoke about his passions and what pushes him, “I will say diligence, perseverance, faith and boldness has added up with the Grace of God to bring me to an expected end. “See ye a man diligent in his work, he shall receive his reward.” he said.

Ifan Michael has Foreigner’s God coming in the works which follows English photographer, Pepper Claude, who visits the Igbo land in a search of a story. The story takes a turn when Claude’s bodyguard disappears mysteriously and he falls in a love with one of the accused, Anya. It is set in 1947 Enugu state.

Ifan Michael

The clearly excited Ifan Michael spoke about the project on his Instagram page where he posted a short trailer of the movie with the caption: “I had begun the Foreigner’s God project as a producer / costume designer but nothing prepared me to be the director. My directing options had all failed, I was in deep trouble and I was losing money. 
For months I was confused, even more whenever I looked at the script. 
Where would I go from here? What would I do? 
@ceo_kayc would certainly kill me or send me to jail! 😂
I was fast losing my mind. 
Then 4am one fateful morning, it struck. 
Why not direct Foreigner’s God yourself? 
I had doubts but a few close allies kept faith. 

Ifan Michael

You can do this! They were all certainly crazy or so I thought! Afterwards, I took up the challenge and decided to try my first ever directing job. 
Let me say this: I was not perfect. I was naive and certainly could do better, but one thing stood strong for me; the vision for the project. After a stormy 8 month period of good and bad times, I can’t wait to show you a glimpse of my first attempt not because it is perfect but because I never believed it could ever be done . 
Here I am, just clocking 28, looking at my first attempt as a film director and increasingly passionate about finding my voice and changing the narrative in the Nigerian Film Industry. 
Here I am grateful to all who believed and to everyone who stood through it all. 
Eureka! It is time! 🙏🎥”

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