Idia Aisien: I Received Death Threats Over BBN Hair Challenge

Idia Aisien

Nigerian model and media personality Idia Aisien spoke with Linda Ikeji TV and there she revealed how her life was threatened after judging a hair competition on BBN.

There was a task set for the Big Brother housemates sponsored by Darling hair in which they were required to come up with unique hairstyles with the housemate with the most unique hairstyle winning the competition.

Idia Aisien was a judge on the show for this task and at the end of the day, Venita won. This was a decision that didn’t go down well with many fans and some took to Twitter to air their grievances, like this comment, “Omashola and Khafi won this thing clearly, the male judge was actually baffled but Idia seemed to want Venita & SirDee to win it. Also unfair comment to Diane and Elo as they all did the Hair in 1960’s accurately… Fix up Darling”

There were others who claimed that Idia and Venita are friends and that this was why Venita was able to win.

Apparently things got really bad as Idia revealed that she even got death threats from some people over the decision.

She also refuted claims that she made Venita the winner because of friendship, claiming that she had never met Venita before the competition.

She talked about a couple of other things including cosmetic surgery, stating that what someone of age does with themselves should be solely their business and that they shouldn’t be judged on this nor should they be victimized.

You can check out the full interview where she also talks about her other projects below.


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