Identity of Second Lady to Accuse Pastor Fatoyinbo Of Rape Revealed

Another alleged rape victim accused pastor Fatoyinbo

Even with her entire body blurred and other preventive measures, the second lady to accuse Pastor Fatoyinbo of rape has allegedly been revealed.

According to Kemi Olunloyo, the lady in the video is Miss. Oluwatunmise Oluyede, a former member of COZA who was active during the same period the lady in the video said she was a member of the church.

According to Ms. Olunloyo, Tunmise worked closely with the pastor and is also a filmmaker.

Pastor Fatoyinbo has had a lot of detractors, even getting disowned by the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) and the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), however there are some in support of the pastor who doubt the story of the victims with Kemi Olunloyo alleging in her report that Tunmise was sent to Dubai but instead of focusing on the work of God, she decided to use her time partying in. Following this behavior, she was relieved of her duties on returning to Nigeria.

According to Ms. Olunloyo, this in turn led to her disgruntlement and is a possible reason for her coming out.

Ms. Olunloyo also insinuated that Tunmise might have been having a sexual affair with Pastor Fatoyinbo and this coupled with the loss of her perks might have led her to accuse the pastor of rape.

Ms. Olunloyo also claimed that she was in contact with several members of COZA who claim that Pastor Fatoyinbo paid for a surgical procedure that Tunmise had.

The lady had claimed in her interview that she had been acting in the capacity of an Au Pair to Biodun Fatoyinbo’s kids and that this was the reason for her relocation to another country and that it was on one of the Pastor’s visits to this country that the rape occurred.

It’s all getting rather messy with these new allegations, unfortunately, there’s little evidence from both sides  and it is hoped that the legal process, which will deal with hard evidence, will bring to a satisfying conclusion this very unfortunate case.

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