“I Wouldn’t Want To Be Given The Penalisation For Something I Didn’t Do” – Khafi Speaks On Sex Scandal

Wow…It is better to hear from the parties involved and Khafi just confirmed what Gedoni said some weeks ago.

Khafi Kareem, unfortunately, was evicted from the big brother reality show on Sunday the 15th of September, 2019 and has since been on a media tour. Just before the commencement of the media rounds, she had a chit chat with Ebuka and the most asked question came up as expected.

When asked if she had sex with Gedoni while still in the house as the movement of the duvet was seen and some dry humping under the sheets could be detected. Taken aback by the question, she outrightly denied the rumour and maintained the fact that nothing happened in terms of sex between herself and Gedoni.

We did not have sex. You know sex is a natural thing. If I did, I would actually say that’s what happened. I wouldn’t want to be given the penalisation or punishments for things I didn’t do.

I just felt like, in the house, everything was so intense, where you’ll get to in a relationship over three months, seeing somebody and been on a date with them, is like a week in the house.

The intensity of seeing everybody when you wake up and when you go to sleep. I think it was after the eviction in the first week after we were almost up, that’s when our bond grew”.

While speaking with Beat FM Lagos, she was asked the same question and she repeated what she had earlier said that she didn’t have sex while still in the reality show.

Remember, in the show, Khafi once told Gedoni that when she converted to Christianity, she became celibate and has been like that for 8 years and she said the same thing when she played a game with other housemates.

Just before she was evicted, Ike told her he once played a prank on her and Gedoni with support from Diane using a condom and accused them of being the ones that dumped a used condom.

Thelma during her media rounds said to the media that she was sure that Gedoni and Khafi were both having sex in the house.

But, the parties involved, Khafi and Gedoni both confirmed it is not true.

When asked about her job and the allegation levelled against her from work, she responded saying that she actually did follow due process but she will have to rest well to read all that has happened so far.

Confirming the news, she said when she told them what the leave was for, she was advised against it and she really didn’t know she would be picked. She added that she auditioned in Abuja after she had come to Nigeria to do a vlog about the on-going elections at the time in Nigeria. After she had gone ahead to try her luck, she was immediately picked and all communication gadget was taken away from her.

She also confirms that she gives her 100% in relationships and she loves Gedoni but she’d like to take out time to process things.

We hope Gedoni feels the same way too.

Meanwhile, OAP Dotun of Cool FM Lagos have a question for everyone👇👇


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