“I Was Talking About My Situation, My Own Season” – Khloe Speaks On Tacha’s Disqualification

Tacha was disqualified from the big brother house of Friday the 27th-day of September 2019, and fingers are been pointed at several individuals, big brother inclusive of being the cause of her disqualification.

Ex-housemates of the reality show who were also disqualified for other reasons during their stay, took to their individual pages on Instagram to also vent out their concerns on the issue.

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The fight that broke out between Mercy and Tacha had people wondering why no immediate action was taken by the appropriate authority. Surprisingly, big brother called the housemates together in the lounge, played back the tape of the entire fight that broke out between the two ladies and when done, he disqualified Tacha and issued two strikes to Mercy.

Khole who have received backlash from fans of the show tagging her for being the reason Tacha was disqualified, took to her Instagram page to voice her concern on the issue and to also deny being the reason for what happened to the disqualified housemate.

I have gotten a lot of Tags and Mention from uncultured people claiming someone was disqualified because of my rant earlier.

I am very sure you all are aware I didn’t mention names either did I tag anyone. I was talking about my own situation, my season in general, yet some persons are saying it was directed at someone.

Tacha wasn’t the only party involved in the situation if she was disqualified because of my rant, then Mercy will also be out! Since the beginning, of the season, I have shown nothing but love to these contestants as she’s one of the people that got in after all the social media drama during her auditions, why will I, in turn, sabotage her stay in the house?

I have come to the conclusion that most of you calling me out are sick hence I will not give any more press to this as it is a waste of highlight. And for those asking if I and Kbrule did media runs? If you check, you’ll see the media runs we did with Vandora and Deeone. Please be guided. Peace be unto the one that mind their business. Happy Sunday.”


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