”I Never Said My Wife Was a Virgin” – Timi Dakolo Holds Press Conference, Responds To Allegations And Police Letter

Timi Dakolo

Nigerian singer Timi Dakolo held a press conference yesterday and there he talked about the Police invading his home and also reacted to some of the allegations against him.

During the press conference, he reacted to reports that he had discussed his wife virginity in an interview, stating that he had never had such an interview and that he had never discussed his wife’s chastity with anyone.

He also poured cold water on allegations of marrying his wife in COZA and being a music director for them, even joking that since he was someone who always put his style into any music given to him, he was constantly butting heads with Music directors.

Timi Dakolo was joined at the Press conference by Kate Henshaw and Yemi Adamolekun who also fielded some questions from journalists.

There was a question which irked the human rights activist when an NTA reporter asked why Busola Dakolo was telling her story now. A visibly irritated Adamolekun replied that she would rather answer the question than let Timi Dakolo do it and she explained that no victim should be given a timeline to tell their story, she also noted that a person telling their story when not prepared to say it and then having to deal with the backlash and onslaught from social media would be less than ideal.

Adamolekun also addressed the issue of the invitation by police which got many talking on Social media. She claimed that the letter of invitation was unclear and that two of the crimes the Dakolo’s were being accused of (Falsehood and Mischief) are not recognized by Nigerian law.

She also explained that the Dakolo’s will not have to travel to Abuja as the petitions for the case will be held in Lagos.

Busola Dakolo was mute throughout, but it was clear that she was upset. Timi did reveal that she’s seeing a psychologist and that she is getting the help needed to get through this difficult time.

You can watch clips from the Press conference below


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