‘I Have Only Users Around Me’ – Ifu Ennada Cries Out

Not happy with how she’s been used without help from the same set of people who she claims are just using her, Ifu Ennada figured it’s time to access the people around her.

The entrepreneur and reality star made it known in a now-deleted post on her Instagram account that she has people that only come to use her and they have never really have her back the way she would them.

She also beckoned on God to deliver her from these individuals and give her the power to say NO and She also seeks for a stone heart.

Here’s what she wrote;

I’m not happy… I have mostly users around me. People who only come around for what they can get, people who never have your back.

I’m not happy….

With a caption that got her followers asking if everything is ok and who she was referring to.

“Dear God, deliver me from users. May they stop crossing my path. May my heart turn to stone when they come around me. oh God deliver me from users. MAY they get paid in their own coIn and may they reap all they’ve sown.”

Few hours after the post was made, she revealed via her insta-story the amount of DMs shes got from people seeking to have a relationship with her.

She added that she’s not cut out for any relationship at this time, would rather prefer business contacts than a relationship.

Knowing how hard she works mostly as an entrepreneur, only makes us more curious to know the people she is referring to in the post.

What do you think she is talking about?


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