I Have No Regrets Being a Baby Daddy- Timaya


Few have had the impact on the music industry as Timaya has had, from shining the light on the performers in the Niger Delta region to acts of charity, Timaya has been an incredible export for Nigerian music.

But life happens and the singer is a father of two kids both of whom came from different Baby mamas.

While the idea of being a baby Daddy has been popularized in recent times by the likes of Wizkid and Davido, it is still widely frowned upon by society. However, the singer says he does not regret being a baby daddy and that it has in fact taught him so much about love and life.

Speaking in an interview with Showtime, the artiste spoke on having two daughters and what it has taught him: “Fatherhood has taught me a lot about love and patience. Fatherhood has not deprived me of anything; it has been one of my biggest blessings.

“I have no regrets; everything has been a lesson and I’m grateful for them. I can’t think of anything I’d change if given the chance to go back in time.”

Timaya also delved into the topic of Nigerian parents and children, stressing the importance of listening and also understanding children as this is a necessary tool in guiding them.

“I think it’s important to understand your child and then trust and guide them with their decisions,” he said.

This is especially important in a period when a lot of Nigerians have come out disgruntled with how they’ve been raised by parents whom they claim do not understand or listen to them.

Timaya also spoke on his fame and what it had taught him too.

“Stardom has taught me to stay true to myself, understand my purpose; because when I do, it gets a bit easier to navigate through all the stuff that gets thrown at me.” he concluded

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