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I Hate Myself For Letting You Down- Humiliated Blogger Blessing Okoro Apologises To Fans

Almost a week after she was publicly humiliated and bashed for posing as the owner of a mansion that wasn’t hers, Nigerian relationship blogger, Blessing Okoro, has fallen on her knees to apologise to her fans and Nigerians at large.

Okoro’s case gained traction when Onye Eze China, owner of a 7-bedroom duplex building which she had flaunted online as a gift for her golden 30th birthday got wind of her trickery and exposed her online.

To prove she was indeed the owner of the house, she went back into the building hoping to take some photos supposedly to authenticate her claims and douse growing suspicion from her online community; she was apprehended and handcuffed by the owner.

The clip of her humiliation when the owner handcuffed and interrogated her quickly spread online like wildfire. It was in the midst of the public backlash and bashing that she disclosed how heartbroken she was in a live Instagram video and even claimed that she might commit suicide. According to her, she would be happier suffering that sort of treatment in her grave than in person.

Nonetheless, she has summoned the confidence to apologise and move on. Below is her apology as seen on her Instagram page;

Hey lovers.. I know it has been crazy lately and I am sincerely sorry.. I take responsibility for everything.. I hate that I had to put my friends and everyone else who looked up to me in this position..

Like everyone else I had goals set up for the year and one of them was to finish my house before my 30th birthday and it was a resolution I had layed out in public but because of certain reasons I couldn’t meet up the dead line and that put me under a mental pressure for success..

I was impatient which led to beating myself too hard and I could have done better.. I AM REALLY SORRY I LET YOU ALL DOWN…I know better now.. I know not to go ahead of my victory and have small wins celebration.. Here’s to everyone under any sort of pressure..

I had to experience a major meltdown to learn that patience is virtue.. Its only going to take a little time but the lines will eventually fall in pleasant places.. And for the incessant calls and text messages from my loved ones that were terrified seeing me on cuffs I was never arrested or detained and no police officers was associated with the act.

it was thier best form of proving a point.. But i am grateful to everyone who stood by me, I hope you still find a place in your heart to forgive ,love me and accept me as the crazy happy girl you have always loved .
Thanks for not giving up on me entirely…

We hope this doesn’t repeat itself though. In the meantime, what do you think of her apology? Yay or Nay? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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