I Got Flowers Today By Dorcas Shola Fapson Is A Heart Wrenching Tale Of Why We Should Say No To Domestic Violence

I got flowers today

“I Got Flowers Today”, it seems romantic, but it belies a story so tragic and also worryingly relatable that it gets one thinking

I got flowers today was a poem by Paulette Kelly about domestic violence and the way in which victims choose to remain for various reasons.

The poem was then adapted to a short film by Dorcas Shola Fapson which shows a tumultuous relationship between a man and a woman and it followed the tragic story of how the woman was beaten…eventually to death by the man she called her lover.

The victim in the abusive relationship always got flowers from her abuser whenever he had beaten her, as a form of atonement.

We see as the woman continues to make excuses for the man in hopes that he gets better.

He never did.

The poem continues to its tragic conclusion with the woman narrating that the last time she got flowers was at her funeral as the man in her life had eventually beaten her to death.

It was a sad watch and one that is all too familiar as the world continues to grapple with equal rights and privileges for all genders.

Shola Fapson put up the video on her Instagram and also wrote a little piece explaining why she did it.

She said: “‘I Got Flowers Today’… is poem by Paulette Kelly that I read years ago.. I decided to develop & adapt it for screen as it’s such an important msg that hits home… I know victims of abuse that choose to stay, for several reasons… I’m not here to judge, cause it’s hard. I know, but I need you to understand that NO reason is worth your life.
Even if this touches just ONE person I’m happy af!!!!
If you haven’t seen it, pls watch in my previous post/IGTV?? . .

“Thank you so much to the amazing creatives who came on board without any questions!! .
Actors: @mawuli_gavor x @ms_dsf
Film by: @ms_dsf || @heykome || @sirwandethomas
Producer: @dsfevents
Stylist: @alexiesdor
SFX Make up: @porzelllan.beauty
Location: @theseattleresidences

You can watch it for yourself here

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