I Don’t Believe Hell Is Real – Ghanaian Actress, Nikki Samonas

Nikki Samonas

For the longest of time, we have all been taught that both heaven and hell exist as a place where both the righteous and sinners will respectively spend after-life. However, questions such as – is hell real? Do Christians really believe in it? Why would a loving God send people to hell forever? Does hell not seem like cosmic overkill? Couldn’t God reform bad people or just annihilate them? Why will God punish people forever for one limited lifetime of behaviour?

These questions and more often cause a lot of religious controversy about the after-life and for popular Ghanaian actress, Nikki Samonas who recently waded into the unending controversy, it appears she doesn’t believe an eternal place such as hell really does exist.

Nikki Samonas who recently sat down with the folks at Zionfelix on the uncut show backed her claim in the interview stating that God won’t punish anyone by sending them to hell since he created them.

In her words;

As a child of God, I don’t see why anyone has to go to hell.

We are all children of God and nobody is going to hell.

We are all going to heaven to enjoy.

I can’t tell if hell is real.

I don’t really believe it’s real, I don’t want to even think about it.

Nobody wants pain, agony or torture. So to me, Hell is nonexistent.

I’ll always think positive and I want my friends and family to think the same.

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