How Police Forced Me To Sign Documents In Pastor Fatoyinbo’s Favor- Busola Dakolo

Busola Dakolo

Busola Dakolo who accused COZA pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo of raping her twice when she was a teenager is beginning to experience a turning of the tide– and it doesn’t look good.

There was a lot of goodwill from Nigerians when the news first broke with protests breaking out in front of COZA both in Lagos and Abuja.

There were interviews, other people spoke out, there were Twitter debates, calls for Pastor Fatoyinbo to step down, but as more and more time has passed, the loud roar of outrage from the public has reduced to mere murmuring.

Pastor Fatoyinbo returned to the pulpit on Sunday with videos showing congregants cheering and messages like ‘they can’t defeat the church’ and so on appearing all over social media.

The police got involved and even sent a letter of invitation to Busola Dakolo and her husband, claiming that they were to be questioned on allegations of criminal conspiracy, falsehood, mischief and threat to life.

Busola Dakolo has now in an interview with the UK Guardian dropped another bombshell as she claims she was forced to sign the documents with these allegations by police officers or at least people posing to be Police officers.

This lines up with an Instagram post by Timi Dakolo where he raised alarm that armed men were at his house in a white minivan.

Speaking to the Guardian, Busola Dakolo said “One was holding a gun, and I noticed a second one holding a letter. They told me they were from IG’s [the inspector general of police] office in Abuja and that I needed to sign this letter and acknowledge it,”

She also talked about why she believes there are so many roadblocks against her case, “Our culture doesn’t allow speaking of these sorts of things against anointed men of God,

“They’d rather hide it, and the party that is being victimised tends to live with that self-blame. The damage on the survivor is extremely terrible. The society, the church, keeps sweeping things under the carpet.”

She also wondered why people who come out to say the truth have to go through such hell, “Is this what everybody goes through, everyone that comes out to say their truth, everybody that says something about someone that is influential?” she asked. “I felt: who’s going to be there for the common man? Who is going to be there for someone who nobody knows?”

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