How Is Bobrisky Connected to This 80s Musician?

Bob Actor, Bobrisky forerunner1

Bobrisky has been referred to as Nigeria’s first famous cross dresser, but before him, there was someone else and the person was also popular.

Meet Bob Actor, a Nigerian musician who was active during the 80s and was heavily on the musical scene where he made calypso music.

He even called himself the Calypso king.

While Bobrisky became famous for his online antics, Bob Actor was famous for his music and with no internet at the time, he really caused ripples when he announced that he wanted to have a sex change and transition to a woman.

There is little known about Bob Actor and it’s unknown if he’s even still alive today as most of the stuff he’s done has been lost to time and history.

An internet search in him turns up very little with a solitary entry on where it displayed that he has one album available, ‘Mankind’ which was released in 1987 and had 6 tracks (3 on the A side and 3 on the B side)

Intrigued by his music, you can check it out below


Most of the information about his foray into sex transition comes from a report on where they report that in 1989, he did an interview with Lagos Weekend magazine where he claimed that he felt like a woman trapped in a man’s body and would be open to having a sex change (the first recorded gender reassignment operation was in 1930 performed on Lili Ilse Elvenes).

Bob Actor, Bobrisky forerunner

In that interview, he said: “I do not even bother myself about what people may say, after all no one is above criticism. I only got married to prove to people I’m not impotent either”

Bob Actor, who was married with one child at the time said that after his surgery he could stay married to his wife but that their relationship would become more platonic in nature. He did say he would like to get married to a man after the change.

“I intend to get married to a man after my change”

It would be interesting to find out if he did get the sex change as there is nothing recorded to that fact, but at least now we know that Bobrisky is not the first “BOB”

Have you heard of Bob Calypso?


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