How Bronn Ended Up Being The Richest Man In Westeros And The Master Of Coin


Maybe crime does pay. Because if the story of Bronn in Game of Thrones is anything to go by, he somehow became the master of coin.

The master of coin controls the coffers of the whole of Westeros and is one of the most powerful positions in all the 7 (now 6) kingdoms.

That scene towards the end of Game of Thrones where the new small council came to sit was a funny one.

In it we see that Tyrion is the hand of the king, Sam Tarly is the grand Meister, Brienne is captain of the King’s guard and Bronn is the master of coin. This was weird for me at first as I wondered how a sell sword who didn’t really have loyalties to anyone was able to bag such a great position.

Well, it was quite simple: Bronn was the Lord of Highgarden.

Highgarden was the stronghold of the Tyrells and according to the books, one of the most beautiful castles in all of Westeros. It was also one of the richest and in the show it was clear that the Tyrells had a tonne of money.

Taking control of such a sweet spot like Highgarden was sure to make Bronn rich.

As for how he acquired it, well, Tyrion as a Lannister, paid his debts.

Recall that earlier in Season 8, Bronn had Jaime and Tyrion cornered and threatened to kill them as Cersei had asked for their heads. He was promised Riverrun by Cersei if he carried out the deed.

Well, apparently, Tyrion had pre-empted this in Season 1 (when he was still the smartest character on the show) and had offered Bronn double of whatever anyone offered if he was ever ordered to kill Tyrion.

So Tyrion offered Highgarden and Bronn took it and with it all the riches that came with it which must have gone on to inform the decision to make Bronn the master of Coin.

With that being said, whether or not he is a suitable master of coin is still very much up for debate and if you’re wondering how Tyrion could have such clout as to be able to just grant Bronn Highgarden, well, you won’t find answers to that here.

Maybe that’s why people had such a strong reaction to Season 8 :’D

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